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Bill Cox

Bill Cox

Bill worked in real estate for 30+ years’ and is semi-retired but actively involved in real estate with Real Estate 55 Plus. With leadership roles at Windermere and Southeast Title Co., and a background at Alaska Airlines, Bill leveraged his expertise in the Puget Sound Referral Only Network, collaborating with Real Estate 55 Plus while remaining passionate about philanthropy. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, reading, and travel.

Juli Anne and Bill are such a great team! They are very professional and so helpful. When we sold our house they helped us to connect with not only great buyers, but also with other professionals when we needed help with getting our house ready to sell. They set our expectations correctly and were always there when we had questions. If you want the BEST, it's them!

Kathy Wilson - Google Review

It first appeared to be just a neglected, older mobile home on the marginal edge of two cities. Once the story began to unfold – a young man, his first job, a brand-new home, set on this specific site, and paid for with earnings saved. This was “Mike’s Place,” open for gatherings, of friends and family. Then as forty plus years passed – the mobile home showed signs of disrepair, which seemed exceedingly difficult on a fixed income, and a cane had become Mike’s “new best friend.” Just 6 minutes from the mobile, a Senior Living Residence had a studio apartment for Mike with a view of his old high school. The transition began quickly as his sisters arrived from Texas and Alaska to gather, share the stories as they packed, cleaned, stored, and help Mike move to his new address and home. Bill Cox came into this story as a selling agent and friend. Bill joined Mike and sisters in the now vacant mobile home and began by hearing a few stories. He was patient, though, kind, prepared, and efficient. We had interested local buyers, a price set, and what felt like a good selling plan. Then Mike’s sisters needed to return to their homes. Bill kept Mike clearly informed of what was going on as the selling process continued. He even met Mike back at the vacant mobile a couple times to complete paperwork, very aware that Mike was having difficulty with the “Doc u Sign” technology. While the selling process was beginning on Mike’s “neglected older mobile” home. Bill was also dealing with the selling of a much larger home, quite expensive, on the other side of town. We are sure each home sale was professionally carried out, infused with caring, and several good stories. Thank you, Bill…

Mary Kondro - Google Review
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