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Being the personal representative of a loved one’s estate is potentially one of the most difficult and challenging times in someone’s life. Faced with the loss of a family member or friends and having to navigate the probate process can be overwhelming. Many of our clients express how they wish they had learned about our services earlier in the probate process since we could have saved them time and money, and we would like to extend that same courtesy to you.

Real Estate 55 Plus offers multiple options for getting real estate sold in the estate. From a fast close with a cash offer to a remodel that helps maximize net proceeds.

We understand that a house full of stuff can be overwhelming. We therefore offer Estate Sale services to our clients with the goal to sell or donate items that others can appreciate and use.

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estate sale services

Estate Sales

Our singular mission: unlocking the highest revenue potential in the shortest time frame possible. With a dedicated focus on the 55+ community, we specialize in on-site liquidations that redefine convenience.

Step into a world where houses transform into treasure troves. Experience the thrill of walking through curated homes, handpicking items that resonate with your style. Our expert touch is evident in our meticulous staging, showcased through thoughtfully arranged tables within your home.

Unveiling hidden treasures is just the beginning. We handle the complex process of evaluation, inventorying, and strategic pricing, ensuring every item finds its perfect buyer. Our reach extends to strategic advertising, including prominent listings on platforms like EstateSales.NET. Look for our distinctive signage, leading you to a world of estate treasures.

Real Estate 55+ is your dedicated partner from start to finish. We manage the sale with precision, and our commitment doesn’t stop there. Post-sale, we ensure a seamless wrap-up, leaving your space spotless. Embrace the option to donate or remove unsold items, tailored to your preferences.

Home Staging

Elevate Your Property’s Potential with Real Estate 55+ Home Staging Services. Recognizing staging’s pivotal role in captivating buyers and enhancing property value, we are masters of crafting compelling spaces. With an artist’s eye and an understanding of buyer psychology, we create immersive environments that linger in memory.

Let us transform your listings into alluring homes that command attention, sell swiftly, and command premium prices. Our offerings include:

Vacant Staging: From emptiness to enchantment, we infuse life and warmth into vacant properties. Our expert touch arranges elegant furnishings and tasteful décor, crafting a welcoming ambiance that captures hearts. Witness the magic as buyers fall in love, boosting your chances of a speedy and lucrative sale.

Occupied Staging: When living in your listed home, our occupied staging service is your winning formula. We artfully reorganize and declutter, optimizing flow and functionality to reveal your property’s full potential. Attract discerning buyers and trigger higher offers with a space that speaks volumes.

Staging Consultations: Our seasoned team offers personalized consultations that unveil your home’s finest attributes. We meticulously analyze your space, providing tailored recommendations for an irresistible first impression.

Partner with Real Estate 55+ to unlock your property’s true allure.

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